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The Best Exercises for True Functional Fitness

Discover the key to real-world strength and agility with this comprehensive article! Explores top exercises that mimic everyday movements, enhancing your functional strength, balance, and flexibility. Learn how to integrate these exercises into your routine for a healthier, more capable body, whether you're lifting groceries, climbing stairs, or playing sports. Perfect for fitness enthusiasts of all levels seeking practical, impactful workouts.

Welcome to the very first episode of the Functional Health Show. I’m your host Sam Fury and in this show we discuss all things related to Functional Health including, sleep, nutrition, exercise, stress management, cognition, purpose, and more.

Today, we're exploring the essence and importance of functional fitness. But not just any functional fitness. We will specifically discuss 5 activities that not only keep you functionally fit in a traditional sense, but that could also potentially save your life when in immediate danger.

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  • ​Introduction 00:00:00 - 02:51:48
  • ​Climbing 02:51:48 - 10:47:77
  • ​Self-Defense 10:47:77 - 16:34:06
  • ​Swimming 16:34:06 - 22:56:04
  • ​Sprints 22:56:04 - 29:49:68
  • ​Rucking 29:50:64 - 34:43:58
  • ​Conclusion 34:43:58 - 36:00:43


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